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Web & UI developer with good knowledge of web UI development & the software lifecycle Web 2.0. Experience mentoring, managing, & working independently or as a member of various sized teams. Proven ability to deliver projects to spec, within allotted time-frame & budget. Keen interest in learning new technologies.


To seek a position that is challenging, rewarding & provides an opportunity to demonstrate & expand my abilities in a successful web or software development group. Create informative, interesting, functional & cleanly coded applications.

Development Frameworks Technologies Operating Systems
3) Web Cross Browser Dev /SDLC 1) .NET /Bootstrap /Yii /Angular 3) Photoshop /Illustrator /SVG 3) Windows 8.1
2) Java8 /PHP5 /JS /jQuery /D3 Database /CMS 2) Netbeans /Eclipse /Visual Studio 1) Raspbian
2) GIT /SQL /JSON /AJAX /XML 2) MySQL /SQL Server /MongoDB 1) node.js /MEAN Stack /VIM Cloud
1) C# /C++ /Ruby /Functional 2) Wordpress /Zencart /Drupal 1) PowerShell 2) Windows Azure

Courses - Certifications


Dates: Sept 13 - Aug 14 College: Griffith College Dublin Award: Higher - Diploma Subject: Computer Science
Programming & Data Structures Software Engineering for Web HCI & GUI Programming Operating System Design
Relational Databases Discrete Maths OOD Computer Architecture
Dates: Sept 10 - Nov 12 College: DublinIT Award: BSc Subject: Computing
Computer Systems Software Engineer Business Management Quantitative Methods
Graphics & Multimedia: Flash, PS Intelligent Systems
Dates: Sept 00 - June 02 College: BFC Award: H-Dip Subject: 3d Art /Multimedia
3d Animation: 3d MAX, Photoshop Graphic Design Business Management Life Drawing
Layout Design Classical Animation

Employment History

June 13 - Sep 13 Web & UI Developer Microsoft

Xbox team. Parsed Excel to SQL Server Relational Database, LINQ Visual Studio C#. Front end JS, HTML5, CSS3. Designed & Developed CMS to store & display Microsoft Art. Agile Scrum.

March 12 - Feb 14 Freelance Web Developer Oolong Flower Power Shop Baptec Whynot Dance Company

Designed & Implemented complete site redesign /SDLC - ecommerce - Bespoke Templates, clean pages. Hands on website & domain administration. Met with clients, discuss app - mock-ups, format data, built template, train non-tech client on use of CMS

May 11 - March 12 Web Developer & Social Media Manager BAP

Collaborated with Senior Web Developer, defined & implemented website features, plugins & architecture. Created interactive timeline, training staff, PayPal. Developed on-line brand, email marketing newsletter.

Nov 02 - Jan 09 Computer Technician /Multimedia Artist D3D

3d Design Artist independently & team member. Consistently produced deliverables on or ahead of schedule in deadline-oriented environment. Met clients, communicated Design Patterns. Supervised, Monitored, Trained team members.


My Website Stephen O'Connor code is on GitHub

JS JSON AJAX Business Card List code is on GitHub

JSON Carousel code is on GitHub

JSON Live Search code is on GitHub

My Blog PHP5 code is on GitHub

DIT Project /Dissertation: Designed & Implemented Work Recording CMS

BFC Project /Dissertation: Portishead 3d Music Video, showcased in the IFI Dublin